Zeitschrift für Theaterpädagogik (Journal for Theatre Education)

This specialist journal portrays current thematic developments and discourses and presents examples of good practice and networking in the field of theatre education.

It provides regular information about current specialist literature, offers insights into the work of the German Archive for Theatre Education and announces specialist events and project proposals.

The Zeitschrift für Theaterpädagogik was founded by Florian Vaßen und Gerd Koch in Hanover in 1985, who were also its co-editors and publishers. Since 1998 (from issue 32 onwards), the journal has been published biannually by Schibri Verlag with a print run of around 1900 copies.  

A group of editors working in different areas of theatre educational practice and instruction are responsible for the conception of the journal and the editing of the individual issues. The group is formed by Simone Boles, Ute Handwerg, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Hentschel, Dr. Ole Hruschka, Prof. Dr. Norma Köhler, Andreas Poppe, Friedhelm Roth-Lange, Prof. Dr. Mira Sack and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sting. They are supported by the two founding editors and by occasional guest editors in relation to particular themes.

The Zeitschrift für Theaterpädagogik is financed and organised by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Spiel & Theater e.V., the Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik e.V. (BuT), the Bundesverband Theater in Schulen e.V. (BVTS) and the Gesellschaft für Theaterpädagogik e.V. (GTP).

Issues 1 – 70 of the journal are available for download for research purposes at the following link: