Theatre International

International theatre work is firmly anchored in BAG Spiel & Theater’s guiding principles. The association’s comprehensive activities work to provide suitable impulses in this area.

Since the 1980s, BAG Spiel & Theater has been organising specialist meetings with those producing theatre, theatre meetings with children and young people, youth theatre festivals and specialist conferences in collaboration with numerous different stakeholders and structures at a European and international level.  

The association initiates pilot projects, forges networks between international theatre activities, is involved in international committees and initiatives linked to cultural, education and youth policy, publishes the results of its work and makes a contribution to a global and transcultural world via a diversity-oriented project practice to further qualify and intensify the specialist discourse in the field.

In addition to project funding, the current focus of the association’s international work is our long-term bilateral collaborations with Ghana, Israel and Turkey as well as development-related cooperation with countries of the Global South.

Another important goal of our international activities is to advance, intensify and forge networks within international theatre work across the spectrum of related specialist structures.

At the moment, BAG Spiel & Theater is going through a process of internationalisation, which refers to the continuing development and qualification of the entire association structure as well as the promotion and intensification of mutual knowledge transfer. Potential  international collaborations will be made visible in the process and integrated into the organisational structure in productive fashion. By acknowledging the social, educational and artistic expertise of all those involved, this process strengthens and qualifies theatre work with and for children, young people and professionals.