International Agreement on the Conduct and Ethics of Theatre Educators

This agreement was published by BAG Spiel und Theater und ÇDD (Çağdaş Drama Derneği) in Antalya on 31 March 2011. The respective German, English and Turkish versions of the agreement are equally valid. Its publication in additional languages would be desirable.

The agreement consists of 24 articles.

The aim here is to formulate an agreement regarding conduct and ethics for theatre educators which form a flexible framework for their work based on the self-imposed rights and obligations detailed in the following.

The agreement formulates a professional ethos of an intellectual, social, educational and artistic nature that seeks to establishment a moral position and is guided by a sense of conscience. It is based on the principle of taking an active responsibility for the well being of school children/learners/students in theatre educational contexts/processes/training programmes and calls for exemplary conduct in public settings and in dealings with colleagues and school children/learners/students as well as with other people in general.

The agreement is valid for theatre educators in professional practice.

The ethics and conduct agreement makes a contribution towards professionalization and the external perception of theatre education.

The agreement for theatre educators combines statements on professional ethics as well as those regarding good professional conduct.

Theatre educators commit themselves to making improvements to this ethics and conduct agreement on a constant basis. Theatre educational training centres, institutions, associations and organisations commit themselves to putting this agreement into force in a open and binding manner, to abide by its principles and to develop it further in keeping with these and to make it standard practice for their members. Those working within the theatre educational profession will make the rules on ethics and conduct which govern their actions public knowledge.

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